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Challenge yourself for 30 days! Be healthier, learn new skills, change up your routine. Push through your fears and try something new. Now is the time to do something different and when you are done, do it all again!

Keto Time

Challenge: Stop burning glucose and start burning fat for energy by putting your body into ketosis.  Ketosis is a natural state in which your body burns fat stores to keep moving. Achieving ketosis means that your body has become “fat adapted”… Continue Reading →

Unslump Yourself

Challenge: If you find yourself in a rut and are looking for an opportunity to get out then this challenge may be for you! Unslump yourself! 30 days of simple tasks that will put you in a better place. This… Continue Reading →

Write, Right?

Challenge: Being published doesn’t make you a writer, writing makes you a writer! We’ve been writing every since we could hold a pencil and there are tons of reasons for doing it! There are also a million writing genres- fiction,… Continue Reading →

Slow Cooking

Challenge: After a long day of work there is nothing better than coming home to a home cooked meal. The best part is it is a meal you prepared! Easy to throw together, easy to clean up and very tasty…. Continue Reading →

Plank Away

Challenge: This challenge takes very little time but it’s hard! But you are about to find out how beneficial it will be for you at the end of this 30 day challenge. Once you got this one under your belt… Continue Reading →

Content is King

Challenge: The ability to quickly share photos, opinions, events and everything else in our lives has transformed the way we live.  We are a social society and have a need to express ourselves. But what should you share? This challenge… Continue Reading →

All the Single Ladies

Challenge: It’s ok to be single, but as a single lady you need to know yourself. Take this 30 day challenge and put yourself out there. Relish in your singlehood for the next 30 days and you may just find… Continue Reading →

Be Well

Challenge: Wellness is an ongoing process and should focus on multiple factors. It’s not just about eating right or exercising, it’s a whole body processes. It can be overwhelming on where to start so a 30 day challenge is a… Continue Reading →

Excel at Excel

Challenge: Excel is an important product to most businesses. At some point you have encountered it or you may use it on a regular basis.  You may know the basics but now it’s time to branch out and learn about… Continue Reading →

Push It: 50 in 30

Challenge: Push ups…a classic exercise and one you still haven’t mastered. Well, what are you waiting for? Push ups are the perfect exercise! You don’t need equipment, you can do them anywhere and they work multiple muscle groups. They may… Continue Reading →

Become a Blogger

Challenge: In 30 days you could become a full fledged blogger! Blogging provides an opportunity to find your voice about whatever you want to talk about. What’s your passion, your hobby or what are you knowledgeable about? Take that information… Continue Reading →

Code It

Challenge: Have you ever wanted to learn to code? It’s a skill that should be taught just like math! Start with Python, it’s one of the easier ones to learn and is used for web development and in other applications…. Continue Reading →

Financial Wellness

Challenge: How well do you know your finances? Are you in a good position if you experienced a job loss or expensive medical issue? Well it’s time to assess your financial wellness. Go through these 30 steps ( a step… Continue Reading →

Declutter Diet

Challenge: Ahhh…the struggle to find something that you swear you knew where it was! Who among us has riffled through drawers, cabinets and rooms looking for something? Now is the time to declutter and organize. A little organization every day… Continue Reading →

Define Your Manliness

Challenge: This challenge is for the guys. What is it to be a man? Well these next 30 days will help you take you through tasks that hit upon different areas of your life including relationships, health and personal finances. … Continue Reading →

Flat Abs Straight Ahead

Challenge: Cardio alone won’t shape your abs, you have to be ready to work those muscles! This 30 day challenge will get you moving in the right direction and on your way to more sculpted abs and a strengthened core…. Continue Reading →

Challenge Your Fashion

Challenge: Step out of your comfort zone and put your fashion foot forward. Look at your closet in a new light and challenge your current thinking by trying something new for the next 30 days. Reported Benefits: Get out of… Continue Reading →

Mindful Eating

Challenge: Food to often fills a hole and we eat for emotional reasons in hopes of relieving stress or coping with sadness, loneliness, or boredom. It’s time to stop feeling powerless over food and become mindful of our eating. Learn to… Continue Reading →

Taking Care of Self

Challenge: We tend to be caretakers and worry about the well being of others. Well this month that changes! It’s not selfish to focus on one’s own self-improvement and personal development. It’s time to become happier and more positive while fostering… Continue Reading →

Be Grateful

Challenge: Stopping to smell the roses isn’t always possible but is necessary if you want learn to live in the present. Gratitude provides the realization that we get more than we deserve and affirms the goodness in the world. An expression… Continue Reading →

Flex Yourself

Challenge: Remember how easy it was to move when you were younger? Remember doing the splits? Well it’s time you get back to your younger self and become more flexible. How about 30 days to stretch and get back some… Continue Reading →


Challenge: Remember those pictures of Tippy the Turtle in the back of comic books that encouraged you to draw him? Talk about home study! These Art Instruction School ads had us wondering if we could draw Tippy or the Pirate!… Continue Reading →

Walk then Run

Challenge: Ever look at those runners as you drive down the street and wish that could be you? Well, it can be, but you gotta learn to walk before you can run!  This challenge will get you to your first… Continue Reading →

Say Cheez!

Challege: Anyone can take a picture! Whether you use a camera or your smartphone, challenge yourself to become a photographer and stop just taking pictures.  Your creative juices are waiting to flow and photography is one way to open your… Continue Reading →

Do You Even Yoga?

Challenge: Yoga has gone mainstream and is far more than yoga pants!  Yoga has a special place in fitness due to the number of health benefits it brings including more energy, improved mood, better sleep and more! For decades, aerobic exercise… Continue Reading →

Stand Up Straight

Challenge: Back in my day….people used to be obsessed with posture!  You were constantly told to sit or stand up straight. Now we spend much of our day sitting hunched over our devices. Posture affects your whole body and improving… Continue Reading →

Happy! Happy!

Challenge: C’mon get Happy! There is no negative to seeing the positive. It’s time to grow your happiness and take it to the next level. Sometimes it’s the little things and small changes over time will provide the sticking power… Continue Reading →

Small Healthy Changes

Challenge: So you want to get healthy? Baby steps, my friend, baby steps.  Take a month to make minor changes and find out what works for you and what you can incorporate into your daily life. Getting healthy doesn’t have… Continue Reading →

Cleaner Days Ahead

Challenge: Is a clean house your nemesis? Well it’s time to conquer that demon and deep clean your home! There’s nothing better than walking in and seeing things in their place and dust free. This is one of those challenges… Continue Reading →

Grow Yourself

Challenge: Challenges are a great way to grow yourself but this challenge teaches “how” to grow yourself! Set your goals for the year and create personal growth in your life. Reported Benefits: Learn to plan and set goals Grow your… Continue Reading →

Dollars and Sense

Challenge: How you look at, manage, spend and invest your money can have an impact on your life and yet few of us know much about it. If you are tired of being stressed out about money all of the… Continue Reading →

Jump Start Weight Loss

Challenge: Jump start your weight loss goals and settle into some new habits.  Even losing a few pounds can provide greater health benefits and open the door for more clothing choices! Spend 30 days learning how to create new meal… Continue Reading →

Gym Free Fitness

Challenge: We don’t need no stinkin’ gym! Whatever your reason, too expensive, don’t like gyms, don’t have time, you don’t need to hit the gym to achieve your fitness goals! Get your cardio and muscle workouts in the convenience of… Continue Reading →

It Starts with Kindness

Challenge: Kindness…It’s what the world needs more of! Gandhi said it best: If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards… Continue Reading →

Adult Much?

Challenge: Life was so much easier when you were a kid but we all have to grow up one day. Make your family proud and take the next 30 days to perform some real adult tasks. It doesn’t all have… Continue Reading →

Speak To Me

Challenge: Learn a new language in 30 days? Is that even possible? Who knows but you have to start somewhere! Clearly you won’t be fluent in 30 days but you should be able to learn structure and phrases and maybe… Continue Reading →

The Lost Art of Handwriting

Challenge: How jealous do you get when you see someone who has beautiful handwriting? This important skill has fallen by the wayside and it’s time to bring it back. There is a true artistry to handwriting and everyone has their… Continue Reading →

Be Happy!

Challenge: 30 days to Positivity. We have anywhere from12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day and 80 % of those thoughts are negative?! It’s time to shed that negativity and create an aura of positivity! Negative thoughts do nothing but drain your… Continue Reading →

Get Whole in 30 days!

Challenge: Challenge your to a “Whole” new way of eating. You won’t be deprived because you’ll be able to eat moderate portions of meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables and some fruits! The idea is to whole and unprocessed the way nature… Continue Reading →

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